Posted by: angelnotes | March 18, 2010

Don’t sweat you are loved

Almost daily, I have been dealing with tension headaches.  I am constantly stressing out over juggling being everything to everybody…a great daughter…a great wife…a great mother…a great friend…a great pet owner.  Oftentimes, I hear, “Just stop and think about yourself for once.”  I do, I take an hour hear and there to stop.  Sometimes it’s enough and sometimes it isn’t.  Sometimes, I want to run away and change my name.  Then I remember one very important thing:  I am loved.  My parents love me; my husband loves me; my sons love me; my family loves me; and my friends love me.  I think how selfish is that to just leave them when they have given me what I need the most. 

My mom is the most wonderful and beautiful human being.  She doesn’t even realize how wonderful and beautiful she is.  She has been my rock my whole life even when I’m not hers when I need it the most.  My dad is the best, too.  Just knowing what he gave up so he could be a part of my life and have me as his daughter.  Both of them have sacrificed so much just so I can be successful.

My husband…I don’t know what I did to deserve him.  He’s a quirky pain in my butt, but the one thing I could never doubt is how much he loves me.  He knows me better that I know myself, which sometimes can be very scary.

My sons?  Yes, they give me more grief than I can bare sometimes…especially the older one.  But even today, when I look at them, I still the same sweet babies that I held in my arms.  Secretly, as much as I act like it irritates me, I still love it when they say “Mom, can you make me something to eat or drink.”  I just will never like, “Mom can you buy me….”

My family, even I don’t see them for a long time…they still make it point make sure that I know that they love me.

My friends.  Most people are blessed with just that one special friend.  I have been blessed with many.  These are friends that I have been through this and thin with.  Friends that have known me for so long…they are family.

So why am I sharing this with you?  Well, you may or may not have as many people in your life that show you love as I do, but I’m sure you have somebody who loves you.  Somebody who needs you as much as you need them.  They may not be in the shape and form that you expect, but they are there.  Finally and most importantly, our Great God the most high loves you.  He is your Father, Mother, Family, and Friend.

Until next time my friends.

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