Posted by: angelnotes | February 12, 2013

Check in day

So, I joined a support group of close friends that are on the same journey that I am.  Today was weigh-in day.  I, for the first time, shared my weight.  It took every power in my being to fight back the tears…fight back the shame…fight back…  It started out as a good day.  I ate right and exercise, but it’s just day 2.  I had no food for lunch for the week so I went to the grocery store.  I went straight to the fruits and vegetables.  Okay very yummy…but I walked through the store.  I passed the potato chips; I passed the cookies; I passed the cereal;  I passed.  Funny thing?  I didn’t pass them to resist.  I passed them because I didn’t want them.  So, what happens the day that I do want them?  Do I jump in and say “Forget it! Tomorrow’s a new day!”?  No,  I stop and think about the cost and if it’s worth it.  If I fall, I better be ready to burn the intake even more and/or give up something else. This isn’t just a journey to be fine.  Heck, my hubby loves all this.  My son still hugs me and wants to hang out.  My daddy still holds me and tell me that I’m his baby.  It’s about getting healthy; living healthy, so I can get healthy and stay around to keep getting that love.  

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