Posted by: angelnotes | April 30, 2017

Reposting – Pondering – from 2009

Where do you do your best thinking and pondering?  Me?  Well, my best thinking is done within four little light green and white walls.  Yes, folks, it is my bathroom in a nice warm shower.  What was I thinking about?  I was thinking about something I try to often think about…what has God done for me?  As usual, I thought of my life as everyone sees it.  I have a husband, two beautiful sons, loving parents, and terrific friends.  As I attempt to think deeper, things that come to mind are even more material: home, food, job, car, etc.  And, while I am very grateful and realize that I have more than most, there is only one thing that I should have thought of first.  He loved me so much that He died for me.

  • Before I was, He died for me.
  • Before I took my first breath, He died for me.
  • Before I ate my first bite or spoke my first word, He died for me.
  • Before anything I have done or will do, He died for me.
  • Before I chose him to be Lord of my life, He died for me.

Isn’t it amazing that is not often the first thought?  The first thought is normally something tangible.  The fact is, whether or not you have accepted or rejected Him, He still loved you so much that He died for you.

Think about it.  A perfect God left the comforts and beauty of heaven and came to this earth to be a poor lowly carpenter’s son, not the son of a rich king.  He grew up to be a teacher and healer who lived among the poor, not a person of power.  His closest friends were fishermen and other unnoticeable characters, not people with status.  He came as a perfect God who allowed imperfect man to beat Him with bone, glass, spikes…etc, to strip Him of His clothes, to spit on Him, humiliate Him, and to hang Him on a tree.  In the midst of this, He still showed forgiveness for man.  In the midst of this, He showed His love and mercy.  In the midst of this, He shouldered all of this to save us.  Would you have done it?  Could you have done it?  Sometimes, I shudder at the pain He went through for ALL of us.

For those of you, who refuse the documented and founded evidence of this occurrence, remember this:  He still loves you and died for you, too.  He did not just die for those who choose Him.  He still died for all of us.  He still is the perfect sacrifice.

What many of us go through in a lifetime is nothing to what He went through in a couple of days.  Sure, many were treated and died in a similar way.  But, if you were omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, omni-benevolent, what would you do?  As a human, I would just start over or “trash” the project.  He didn’t.  He came to fix what WE broke.  Oh yeah, people, He created us in perfection.  We screwed up and lost it, but still, He loved every single one of us so much that He died for us.  In other words, He fixed it.

So, in your peaceful quiet spot, what do you think about


  1. Greetings cousin, great thought And witnessing. For me it was my grandmother (maw maw) a native of many know as member of the Mississippians. In her books she let us know we were of the original people back Eve. Maw called her ChaHawah meaning “brown mother”. She lived with us until she reached 118 years old. Let left twenty-six children. When I was 18 I fell in love with a cousin. It was cut short when maw maw said “that is your kin”! This was in Indiana where the total of our 26 children grew to 4200. Maw proudly said this is what our people done for centuries.

  2. Good to see you are writing

  3. YahaWasha died to free us from the bondage of sin. Which was unto death. Sin which alienate us from Him and His glory. We first got there by Adam and Chawah in the garden. Then expelled out. Adam meaning mankind would have to work hard. And Chawah would bare plan in child birth. Together these two had one hundred and thirty children. Cain who is Qwan and H’aval is Able. They represent the good seed and bad seed. On this occasion the bad seed kills the good seed. The important facts YAH sees all dead and alive. Now if think hard how many of one people on this earth was killed. That total is far more than any war casualty throughout time. The fact He heard Able’s blood calling Him. How able centuries of blood screaming injustice.

    Many say He is coming back. What many fell to believe is how anger He shall be.

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