Posted by: angelnotes | August 23, 2017

RePost from 2009 – Don’t Let Your Faith Fall

This weekend, I attended a Bible study.  We were researching the Rapture.  We were researching proof of a pre-tribulation Rapture.  Well, personally, I believe in one, but truthfully, if it doesn’t occur when I, a mere human being, expect it to, then that’s okay. It’s not my timing, it’s God’s timing.  Many people laugh at that belief.  We get upset, tuck our heads, and huff.  By doing this, we are losing the person that we are speaking to and ourselves.  By saying that, I mean that we are losing ourselves to discord.

One thing that is occurring today is that much discord is being sewn between each other, both inside and outside of church.  We argue over doctrinal tradition and forget why we are gathering together in the first place.  We gather together united as believers and followers of Yeshua Hamashiach.  That’s where our eyes should be.

So ask yourself this: If God doesn’t do what you expected, are you going to take your eyes off of Him?  Unfortunately, many will.  Don’t let yourselves get so caught up in man’s doctrine and you are ignoring God’s doctrine.  So, I challenge you to open God’s Word and look for yourselves.  Don’t let somebody else tell you what it says…not your pastor, not your parents, not man. Let God tell you Himself because He will give you the answers.  When you want to know something and a source of that knowledge is close by don’t you go to that source instead of asking the person next to you that’s still learning?  Well, He’s close by.  All you have to do is ask.

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