Posted by: angelnotes | September 2, 2017

Discord and Peripherals

Lately, I find it very discouraging how believers throw other believers under the bus over peripheral beliefs.  We have name calling, public shaming, and outright shameful behavior.

Side note:  This is the verse of the day from Bible Gateway:

The earth, O Lord, is full of thy mercy: teach me thy statutes.

Psalm 119:64 KJV

Here are my thoughts.  The whole reason of everything – our faith, our hope, our love, our beliefs, our center is Jesus Christ Yeshua Hamashiach.  Is He the center of your life?  Is He your reason?

True…there are many people who are preaching very unBiblical theories.  True…there are many people that preach Biblical misinterpretations.  Test what’s being said.  Does it take you away from your faith?  Does it take you away from your relationship with the Lord?  Do it take you away from the joy of HIM? Then it is wrong.

Everything the Lord does is for the Love of HIS children.  That’s us.  Every human being. Why can we not do the same?  Yes, tough love is needed.  But abuse in the name of tough love? NO.  All that does is create hate, anger, and sow discord among brothers and sisters who should be coming together.

It’s okay to disagree as long as the real purpose does not take you away from your relationship with the Lord but draws you closer.  That relationship is the one thing that has been made perfectly clear in the Bible.  So clear that God told us over and over and over from Genesis to Revelations.

If you believe in something that you stand on based on Biblically sound doctrine, take your stand without throwing stones.  Let the Lord use you to spread the message.  I didn’t say water it down.  I said let the Lord use you.  Speak to that which you disagree with and not insult the person.  They may be misguided and you may be misguided as well.  That is why we have to constantly study the Word.  You could read the same Bible verse over and over and the Lord will give you a message so clear that you will have a broader better understanding.

The church is supposed to be one body with Jesus Yeshua as the head.  Tell me…how can we be one body when we’re constantly trying to chop of an arm or a finger or a pinky toe?

With all this being said, I am going quickly address the anticipated rapture.  There is nothing I look more forward to than the coming of my Lord…our Lord.  To see His face, to laugh, to smile, to sing,… to see Him.  He will come as He promised.  WE DO NOT KNOW WHEN.  If He does not come when you think HE should, that’s your thinking.  It’s okay to be wrong.  HE is always right and keeps HIS promises.  HE should be your reason for choosing salvation otherwise you very easily turn your back. Remember, the Lord God came at one of the most brutal moments in history from the comforts of heaven and HIS throne to become like us and experience the most horrific pain and execution to fulfill a promise He made so we can be with HIM.

Let us love one another and come together.  Let the Lord use us to shine and season the earth.  Time is running out.  Our lives are finite.  I love you all.  The Lord loves you all.  Go to His Word.  Let Him talk to you.  You cannot read the Bible like a novel…the Bible is a living book that contains living documents and books.  You have to go to it.  Oh and BTW – don’t make the Bible an excuse for hurting or shaming somebody.

Till next time.


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