Posted by: angelnotes | September 18, 2017

Secret Pride and a Repentant Heart

As I write this blog, I write this in total humility and in prayer.  I have been listening to a lot of Bible studies and messages especially with themes that include Biblical end times.  As I listen to many ideas, I have been questioning what they are saying.  So I went to the source which is God’s Word.  The Bible.  Since I was reading about end times, I went to the book that I have been listening about, Revelation.  I started with chapter 1.  As I read the first few chapters of this book, I became convicted.  Jesus was talking to the seven churches.  Growing up, I have been trying to understand what each church represented.  Yesterday, I saw all of the churches together as one body.  What did I see?  Jesus asking for a call to repentance.  I call to Him.  I felt so convicted.  As I looked deep in my heart, I saw my need for repentance.  I saw my need for humility.  I have been prideful.  Secretly prideful.  So proud when I blog.  So proud when I shout God out loud.  So proud when I give.  I didn’t brag to man.  I bragged to God.  I was like “Look at me God!  Look what I am doing for you!”  That was the wrong attitude. I had the faith.  I was always sorry, but instead of thinking of how much I want the Lord to be a part of me and work through me, I was thinking I hope the Lord is proud of me.  To a point, you cannot help but feel that way.  I still need the Lord to work on me and through me.  Through me, He can show how much He loves you.  Through me, He can work on me and you.  There’s nothing wrong with being proud to have the Lord a part of your life.  When you truly love someone, you do things simply because you love them and you want to show others how that love makes you better for them, for you, and for others.  It’s the same with the Lord and much more.  You don’t do it to show off even if it’s just to them.  You do it because you love them and want them to be a part of you and you a part of them.  I hope this makes sense.

Take care.  Until next time.

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