Posted by: angelnotes | September 24, 2017

My Date with Jesus (Yeshua)

I love watching PureFlix.  That is the Christian version of NetFlix.  This week, I watched the movies The Perfect Stranger and The Encounter.  Both of them are about a closeup personal and physical encounter with Jesus Christ.  So, in my wild imagination, I asked Jesus for a date.  Sounds wild, huh?  I wanted an encounter.  I wanted to talk to Jesus and ask Him questions.  Since I love to write and sometimes, not often enough, I write my prayers in the form of letters, I put a date reminder on my calendar, grabbed my prayer notebook, picked the place I would have dinner at (Mitchells Fish Market), and got excited with my date.  My date was the next day.  All day, I looked forward to my date.  I even wondered if He would show up or if the enemy would pull a cruel joke.  I stayed in prayer all day.

After work, I wondered if I should go back home and dress up.  I changed my mind and went straight to dinner.  I sat down in the booth with my notebook and began writing my letter.  As I was writing, I wrote down that I wish He was physically here, but I was scared I would hear some truths that I didn’t want to hear.

Well, He showed up.  No, a man did not walk up to me and tell me he was Jesus.  You know when you’re praying or you get that instinct to do something and you almost hear a voice.  That is what had happened to me.  It was Him.  I put my pen down and listened.  I began to have the conversation I always wanted, and I also had the conversation that I needed.  In other words, I heard some truths that I didn’t want to hear and needed to hear.

There are three most important things that came out of the conversation.

  1. He loves me.  He loves you.  He wants us to show how much we love Him in the same way (and more) how much we love Him.  Like us,  He wants to feel the love and affection.  I wish I could hug Him.  I wish I could laugh with Him.  There are ways to show Him love.  Listen to Him, talk to Him, read His Word, want Him to be the most important part of your life.  Think of a mother and child.  The love a mother has (should have) for her child is insurmountable.  He loves us even more than that.  Isn’t that awesome?
  2. With repentance, we need to forgive ourselves.  There are things I had done that I am eternally ashamed of.  I had repented.  Those sins are constantly in the forefront of my thoughts.  I heard Him say, “Angel, you need to forgive yourself.  I already forgave you.  Why are you still thinking and remembering?”  That moment stopped me mid-bite.  My coping mechanism kicked in.  That was a rough moment.
  3. Let Him work.  Stay out of His way and let Him work.  It is pretty explanatory but I will tell you my personal issue.  I’m dealing with both of my sons.  They are like night and day, but they accept things and occurrences in their life that are absolutely against God and God’s will.  Two separate things but things that need prayer.  I keep trying to step in and try to provide better guidance.  Let’s just say every time I do…Things get worse.  He had already promised me that they would be okay and that He has this.  He doesn’t need my help.  I have to let Him work.  In the mean time, He is working on me too.  As a mother?  This one is tough to truly understand.  He then reminded me that He loves my sons more than me.  Seems impossible…With God all things are possible.  And HE IS GOD!

At the end of date, He reminded me that I didn’t need a date.  He talks to me all the time mostly through His Word and prayer.  Sometimes, He sends a stranger and sometimes, it’s through your beautiful 3 year old granddaughter.

I encourage you to set up a special alone time with Him.  Make a date, set up a picnic, go to the park to meet a friend.  Have your encounter.  I know that it will feel weird.  At the end…you will feel a peace that you need.

To make it clear, there was no channeling or divination or anything new age.  I stayed in prayer and under HIS WORD.

Till next time my friends.  I love you!!

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