Posted by: angelnotes | October 9, 2017

Obeying the Lord

Obeying the Lord should be easy because you love Him so much that you want to do everything for Him.  So what’s so hard about obeying the Lord?  Life…that’s what so hard about obeying the Lord.  We work full-time. We have people depending on us.  The expectation is be a good son/daughter, good spouse, good parent, good sibling, good relative, good neighbor, good employee, good friend, good church attendee, good steward, good good good good.

What is happening?  MY life is taking away from obeying Him.  He is supposed to be number one.  He is supposed to be the Love of my life.  He is the reason that I am that good daughter, good wife, good mom, good sister, good friend and so on.

We need to take that time.  That quiet time.  Talk to the Lord.  Spend time with Him whether it’s during your morning drive or while you’re cooking dinner.  Set time aside to listen to what He is telling you so that you can be obedient.  Obeying the Lord is not for Him…it’s for you.  The Lord knows better.  Obeying the Lord gives you the purpose in life that you are truly looking for.

Till Next Time

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