Posted by: angelnotes | December 10, 2017

Tis the Season

Every holiday, there is hustle and bustle.  Buying gifts, spending time with family, food, friends, Christmas parties, work holiday parties…it almost feels like it never ever ends.    In fact, it’s exhausting.  At age 48, I am asking what is this all about?  What is this really all about?

For several years, the running joke is that is no Christ in Christmas.  My question is was there ever?  No, I’m not talking the pagan traditions of “winter solstice” or the real meaning behind Christmas.  I’m asking if there was ever a Christ in Christmas.  Sure, we hear the story.  We go to church and sing songs.  But where is Christ?

When I was a young girl, about age 11 or 12, my parents stopped giving me gifts.  They said it was not right to give someone else a gift on someone else’s birthday.  So for a few years, we listened to the nativity story on LP (vinyl for you young folks).  And, Christmas for me was resentfully quiet.  I would see all of the awesome stuff my friends got for Christmas.  I would save gifts from friends and neighbors so I would have some things to open on Christmas morning.  I was angry at my parents.  Now that I am older, I realize that part of it came from a good place and the other part was simply because my parents could no longer afford the holidays and it was easiest to celebrate Christmas for what it was intended to be…a celebration of Christ’s birthday.

As I grew older and had kids of my own, I made sure that my kids had a Christmas, whether I could afford it or not.  Layaway, starting in summer, and running around just to see the 5 minutes of happiness on my kid’s faces.  Do you know what started happening?  My youngest would count the number of gifts he received and my oldest would have a serious attitude because I didn’t get the exact model of the toy he wanted.  Then my parents, a day or two later, would take him to the toy store and get him the one he wants. At the end, he had two.

So fast forward, I got remarried and felt it was my duty to make Christmas the most wonderful time of year.  Food, festivities, friends, family.  We decorated the tree together.  Everyone had to take a shower and put on their new jammies Christmas Eve so that we can have that beautiful Christmas morning.  My husband, in my mind, always ruined Christmas morning because my kids and I were anxious and he wanted to wait until he had his coffee, something to eat, and, oh, yeah, wake up.  I had to have that perfect Christmas .

Fast forward again to my oldest son’s late teenage years…He lost his everloving mind.  And 10 years later it’s still lost, but I digress.  I reached the point that continued for several years of dreading Christmas.  My family was/is breaking apart and I no longer have that Christmas I longed for.

Today, I ask, what is the Christmas I long for?  Yes, I’m still preparing for the day by getting gifts, grocery lists, and preparing for family.  But what am I really longing for?  I’m longing for what I should have longed for all along.  A deeper relationship with the Father and His Son, Yeshua Jesus.  It sounds cliche right?  No, it’s something that we should long for daily.  The fact is Christmas is just another day to long for something and Someone that we should long for every single day, every single hour, every single second, every single minute.  Put the Christ in your everyday not just in Christmas.

So my friends, celebrate the season, celebrate with your friends, family, and coworkers.  Celebrate HIM everyday of the year.

Till next time.

I love you everyone.

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