Posted by: angelnotes | March 4, 2018

Uninvited Thoughts

For several days, I have been having horrible thoughts about my past.  I have been consumed with things that I’ve done wrong, embarrassments, hurtful acts, etc.  In fact, it was consuming my head so bad that I have had many sleepless nights and a heaviness that had weighed me down deep.  So deep that I felt as though my chest would burst.

It would also happen to me while driving.  All I could think about were the laughs, the people I might have hurt and the people who may have hurt me.  I asked the Lord to please forgive me.  I found myself constantly asking for forgiveness.  Before I lay down to sleep, I asked the Lord to clear my head for the night…to relieve the oppression, depression, worry, anger, contempt, etc.  I would have a good night sleep only for it to happen the next day.

I kept wondering what did I invite in my life for this kind of attack.  This morning, I woke up.  My mother looked at me and asked me if I was okay.  I told her what was going on.  She reminded me that I was covered under the blood.  The enemy has no power over me but would continue to attack.  She told me that the blood was my protection…like at Passover (next blog).

So, I prayed in matchless name of Yeshua.  I asked the Lord to rebuke the evil and the attack of the enemy.  I stated that I am covered under the blood of my Savior Yeshua Hamashiach (Jesus the Messiah) that the enemy has no power over me because I belong to Him.  Instantly, my head cleared.  Instantly, the heaviness on my body lifted.  It was a relief.

So don’t let the enemy weigh you down.  You are a threat.  You are covered by the blood so that you can be as white as snow.

If you are not, invite Yeshua into your heart and claim the power of the His Blood and His Resurrection.  Let His Spirit fill you so that oppression, depression, doubt, darkness can be removed.  As a result, you will never be alone and you have a Someone with you to protect you.  The enemy will make you feel like you’ve been deserted.  The Lord will never leave you or forsake.  That is His promise.  Keep reminding yourself that the enemy has no power over you.

Till next time and Thanks Mom for reminding me of what you and Dad taught me.

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