Posted by: angelnotes | October 15, 2018

Last Chance

So, how many times do you say no to God? How many times would you say no to His free gift? Free? Really? Or do you think you will figure it out? Or that there are many ways? If so, tell me this…if we can work our way what was the point of the crucifixion? Why did Jesus come at one of the most brutal times in history instead of a time in history when death was merciful or even why die at all?

Does that really make sense? Isn’t much simpler to accept Him? Isn’t much simpler to accept His gift of love and salvation? And guess what? When you love someone, you usually want to do your best by them and be the best you can be for them.

So just do it. You can say the prayer of salvation. Remember it’s not the prayer that saves you. It’s the meaning behind the prayer. Come to His Kingdom. I’m talking to all of you.

Love in Christ

Till next time

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