Posted by: angelnotes | January 22, 2019

American Persecution

I look across the world today and see how our fellow believers are persecuted.  They  are beaten to death, burned to death, beheaded, disfigured, threatened, and many many other horrific things.  It makes me thankful that I am able to be a believer in Christ here in America.  There is still the question of “Are Christians persecuted here in America?”.  The answer is “YES!”  Sure, we’re made fun of, insulted, belittled.  On that note, who really cares as long as we are free to make that stand. Still, we don’t recognize how deep the persecution is.  While there are still some elements of physical persecution and martydom such as Columbine and other tragedies that you don’t hear about that much, American persecution is much deeper. In fact it’s much darker as well.  It’s emotional.  It’s psychological.  It’s spiritual.  People in church trolling other believers that don’t fit the mold or disagreements and causing division.  Supposed Christian leaders getting caught up in scandals.  Radicals acting ungodly in the name of God while more radical religions are now being seen as more friendly.  And of course the media and entertainment through shame and desensitization.

Look, the Lord Jesus had said in His Word that we would be hated.  The question is what are we doing about it.  Are we doing everything we can to still take a stand regardless of everything?  Are we willing to sacrifice everything?  Jesus said take up your cross and follow Him.  He told the rich man to sell everything and follow Him.  Here in America it is so much more difficult isn’t it?  Our ears and eyes are being titillated with sights and sounds that make us question our belief.  We have such a craving to belong in a world that will never accept us.  We, including me, need to remember that Yeshua said that HE has overcome the world.  HE is OUR SAVIOR.

So ask yourself, what does this world really give you?  Truth?  NOTHING.  This world takes.  It takes your innocence, it takes your time, it takes your mind, it takes your soul.  This world does not want you to be truly happy.  The Lord does.  Your happiness makes HIM happy.  Do you realize that? Think of it this way.  Your kids get mad at you.  They think you want to steal their fun.  You, as a parent know, what’s down the road and you want them happy.  You love them so much that that’s what you want for them.  Their happiness, their success, their joy, their love.  Think about it how much love you have for someone.  What do you want for them?

Face it.  We are being and are going to be persecuted as followers of Jesus.  What are we going to do to withstand that persecution?  Truth, our Savior went to the cross – the most brutal form of death FOR ALL OF US.  He died.  With all of His Power and Might and Love.  He laid down HIS life for US.  What can we do in return?  He only asks for one thing – Stand with Him, Love Him, Trust Him.  Hey He did all the work.

Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Call out to Him.  He still says cast all your cares upon Him for HE CARES FOR YOU!!!!

There’s a Bible app called Through the Word.  You can download it on your phone.  It’s a great start to get to know God and who HE is.  Go on YouTube and listen testimonies of those that dropped everything to follow Jesus and how they have no regret even under persecution and rejection because they know HIM and who HE is.  Listen to Steven Bancarz, Nabeel Querishi (who is no longer with us), David Wood, the ONE FOR ISRAEL channel.

May the Lord bless you and keep you.  May the Lord make His face shine upon you.

Still feeling down.  Psalms 23, 91, and 92.  Come as you are.

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