Posted by: angelnotes | May 24, 2019

Pro Choice: The deception of choice

I try to stay away from political topics.  I also try to be empathetic on the issue of abortion.  The rights the wrongs the deception…  The most deceptive thing about the subject is that no one has a right to tell a woman what she can do with her body. And you know what?  They are right.  No one has a right a to tell you what to do with your body.    If you want to cut off your pinkie toe or tattoo your armpit.  Who cares?  Seriously!  Here are some truths!

  • It’s not your body.  It’s someone else’s body that is being crushed
  • It’s not your body. It’s someone else’s head being crushed
  • It’s not your body. It’s someone else’s body being vacuumed out bit by bit.
  • It’s not your body.  It’s someone else’s body that feels the pain.
  • It’s not your body.  It’s someone else’s body that is fighting for it’s life.

Clump of cells?  We are all a clump of cells.  Every organic being be it plant or animal is a clump of cells.  Well organized meant for a purpose clump of cells.

Parasite?  A parasite takes over your body.  Your body does not accommodate itself for the parasite to grow.  A baby?  Your body prepares itself monthly for that baby.  When the baby is developing, your body does everything it can to ensure that baby’s survival.

More truth?

  • What about rape or incest?  That accounts for approximately 1% of pregnancies.
  • A pregnancy test is often given
  • Insemination chances greatly decreases due to the trauma of the experience
  • While it does happen as the result of a heinous circumstance, are we really going to say that someone has to die or does not deserve to live while in most cases the perpetrator lives his life whether in prison or outside of prison.

Food for thought…

  • What great people are we missing out on knowing?
  • What new inventions that would have made the world a better place are we missing out on?
  • This is slow genocide
  • Women of color (African Americans and Hispanic Americans) account for  less than 30% of ALL female populations and account for more than 50% of the ALL abortions.
  • So they are creating means of who lives on and who dies out.
  • Lastly, who says they are not going to change the meaning of abortion.
    • Who says abortion will not be allowed for the very young, the elderly, the disabled?
    • Who says who’s next?

Here’s what we should do…

  • First and foremost, love the woman that has had or is contemplating an abortion
  • Bring all people involved to the Lord in prayer because the Lord is all powerful
  • Stand strong and resist apathy
  • Work hard to get the truth out and STOP abortion.
  • Be prepared for questions:
    • Here’s one: What do we do when the abortions go back to backyard coat hangers.  You can use this story.  My grandmother was going to have one of those back in the day.  She went with her friend.  Her friend went first.  All my grandmother heard were the blood curdling screams of her friend going through this awful experience.  My grandmother ran as fast as she could.  She was pregnant with my mother. Move that into today’s time with cell phones and social media…guess what’s not going to happen or will happen few and far between.

Are you thinking about abortion?  Yes, you’re scared.  Yes your life will change.  Yes your life will be harder.  Yes, it will cost a lot of money.  Yes, you may lose a lot – time, money, family, dignity.  Here’s what you gain:

  • A gift from God
  • Unconditional love
  • Kisses and hugs just because
  • A chance to be a superhero, doctor, cheerleader, teacher, and so much more
  • Priceless gifts made of styrofoam and paper
  • A look at life through new eyes.
  • Sorry about the teenage years.  HAHAHAH

You may be asking what are my choices?

  • First and foremost, close your legs and zip up your pants.  Wait till you are married to the person you’re meant to be with.  It does happen folks.  That is my biggest regret.
  • Protect yourself – this is not 100% – Did I tell you above is the best choice.
  • If you do get pregnant, adoption.  Abortion will make you feel worse than if you just deal with the nine months and adopt the baby out.  There are many couples waiting.
  • Keep the baby.  It’s worth it all.

Here is the most important thing you need to remember.  The Lord loves you no matter what.  Are you pregnant?  or did you have an abortion?  The Lord loves you anyway.  Come to Him.  Accept the Lord Jesus into your heart. Repent and mean it.  He will take the pain that you experiencing and walk with you and give you strength.  Jesus Christ Yeshua Ha’Maschiach died for you and rose again that you may be with Him.  He will forgive you if you ask.  We are all sinners.  We ALL do not deserve His grace but it is there for all of us. Ask Him. Go to Him.


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