Posted by: angelnotes | November 26, 2017

Letters to the Lord

Praying often is something I try to do throughout the day.  Unfortunately, I get so caught up I forget to pray as often as I should.  I get frustrated with myself because the most important thing in your life is communication with the Father.  Many of us treat it as a ritual…repeated prayers like a mantra.

One thing that the Lord pointed out to me is that I love to write.  It is a talent that He has given me.  One of the things I do with that talent is write letters to Him.  Sometimes, that’s my prayer time.  It’s unconventional but that is how I am able to pour my heart out to Him.  When I was a little girl and would so often get in trouble, of course my mom and sometimes dad would punish me.  If I thought they were wrong (hahahha), I would write a letter and plead my case.  Sometimes, I would tell them what I thought was really happening and sometimes I would tell them I thought they were being unfair.  No, I don’t do that when I write to the Lord.

WHY do I write these letters? Well, writing allows me to be more candid.  I helps me talk to the Lord about praising Him, thanking Him, talking to Him, and expressing how I feel about things that are going on in my life.  Oftentimes, I shut down and hold it in.  Writing these letters help me let it out to the one person I should and need to.   After all, the Lord communicates to us in His written Word.  So why is so unusual for me to talk to Him this way? Writing these letters is my prayer closet.

The Lord is our family.  We call our human family.  We talk to them.  We write to them.  We spend time with them.  So, spend time with the Lord.  Use the talent you have been given for Him, for yourself to draw closer to Him, and for others to draw closer to Him also.  Whether you paint, knit, draw, or write.  Whatever talent the Lord has given you.  Give back and share with Him.  He loves you so much and wants to share with you.  He has given you gifts.  To oftentimes, we ask what is our gift?  Preaching? Missions?  Evangelism?  What we do not recognize is that we already have those gifts.  That is our mission to spread His Word and His Love.  You may not have the booming voice of a preacher, but you can take beautiful pictures of His majestic creation or blog or write songs.

You see.  I used think that praying to Lord and sharing the Lord had to be loud and boisterous.  Nothing wrong with that.  We are all called.  What I now understand is that even the smallest voice is heard by the Lord.

My brothers and sisters, I invite you to talk to the Lord.  Find your pray closet.  If it’s playing your instrument in worship and prayer, if it’s painting a picture while talking to the Lord, if it’s knitting a blanket while talking to the Lord….JUST TALK TO HIM.  Well, my friends, I love you in the Lord.  Talk to Him and Share Him.

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